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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Thomas Duke Architect, PA on several projects designing medical office space in a building I manage. The entire staff is extremely professional, courteous and efficient.  Tom’s attention to detail starting with the programming phase through the final design phase ensures that a quality set of plans and specs are delivered for use by property management, general contractor and building officials; and ultimately a quality construction project is delivered to the building owner and tenant.   I highly recommend Thomas Duke Architect, P.A.  “

Dave Collins, Sr. Property Manager

Lincoln Harris, Memorial Medical

“…have always found him to be both a team player and flexible with design solutions. They have always been willing to review value engineering options while being careful not to compromise the integrity and quality of the facility. We have found their designs to be creative and their construction documents to be thorough. His staff members are professional and quick to respond to situations in the field. They are a very personable and accessible group of professionals who become an invaluable resource to the team.”

Ricky Spinks, Vice President

The Angelo Group

“ Thank you for your cooperation with the committees that dealt with each project.  You were able and willing to listen to perceived needs and concerns for both locations at our facilities.  You were able to take multiple ideas and produce designs that were both aesthetically appealing and practical.  You were able to walk us through the details that would be needed in each situation… Your ability to combine both creativity and versatility was exceptional.”

Kenneth J. Gemeinhart

Englewood Christian Church

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